Café Lanai

“Rather than kitschy and tropical, they sound otherworldly”
Resident Advisor

“tropical textures with the more subdued strains of house and disco, as well as bits of dark-tinted R&B”

“steamy, viscerally haunting new love songs”


Cafe Lanai is a duo in paradise. Friendship and music at once led vocalists/producers Mind Bath and Forever to adventure together to Pahoa, Hawaii. Originating with the absorption of tropical sounds and antiquated island imagery, the project made a “ sweet, sweet double espresso debut” with their deep first single ‘lanai’.
On their debut ‘Paradise’ EP, Cafe Lanai enlists the spirit of humid rainforests and black sand beaches, imploring you to close your eyes and throw your body to the beat. Infused with interweaving vocals, sultry lyrics, sweaty synths and the flyest rhythms for house heads and disco souls, Cafe Lanai is here to party.

cafe lanai