The Deer Tracks

The Swedish Indie Electronica rhythm driven sensation The Deer Tracks are back after three years of silence with their new album ’Undersvik’.

After the bands constantly touring of the world for several years, they ended up in a mental and spiritual dead end. The interruption of touring was vital and the band sought out an abandon school in the small village Undersvik, Sweden. Over a 10 days period, with outside world switched off, they just let the stillness and their own spirit color the lyrics and their sound. Undersvik is as much a result of the eternal insomnia of touring, as the tranquility and beauty of nature.

The Deer Tracks, consists of the multi instrumentalists, Elin Skeppstedt (F.D. Lindfors) and David Lehnberg. The band has released four albums,several singles, EPs and their music has been heard in hit TV shows like Grey's Anatomy, Suits etc.

Touring has been intense with several long US and Asian tours since the start in 2007, but now they are ready to get back at it with their first sets of live shows since summer of 2015, starting in Asia this summer.

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