Majik are a band of two talented twenty-somethings whose personalities on the outside look to be at polar opposites and wouldn’t mix, but when they do mix, when the feeling’s all right, their two worlds collide in a way that can only be described as alchemical. To date, the magic’s happened in the bedroom – in makeshift studios where they’ve managed to conjure a potion of sounds and soothing vocals that are already intoxicating the music industry and thousands of fans across social media. ‘Closer’… ‘It’s Alright’… ‘Save Me’… and their latest drop ‘Real’ are allbeautifully crafted soundscapes, with radio-friendly hooks that sink deep into your psyche. A heady mix of lush chords and potent words with the power to heal.   
With only a few singles to their name they have already amassed nearly 500,000 followers on Spotify and are poised to take the world by storm with the release of their much anticipated debut album.