Philco Fiction

Philco Fiction has a unique way of catching and transforming everyday moments into pop music that is just really hard to resist. Two years after the release of their breakthrough album Take It Personal, Oslo-based duo Philco Fiction has returned with their triumphant sophomore full-length Talk/Brag (out Jan. 29 via Killing Moon Records).  The singles “June 17”, “Talk/Brag” and «Runimals», released ahead of the album, got a lot of attention from blogs all over the world and the songs have been aired frequently on radio, including BBC One and Amazing radio.

The duo once again showcase their fluency in the language of refined synth pop, as the project rides high on soaring, luxurious melodies and lush arrangements. The group continues to exude their Scandinavian popstar swagger on the album’s remaining cuts. And as the songs tread easy on a concoction of smooth R&B-meets-nostalgia-pop, the release delivers a listen as timeless as it is cinematic.

The album “Take It Personal” from 2012 caused ripples in the blog world and appearances at major festivals such as Eurosonic, SXSW, The Great Escape, Iceland Airwaves, Øya, and By:larm. In 2012/2013 they also toured Europe and China both alone and shared stages with the likes of Chromatics, Neon Indian, Fanfarlo and Eliot Summer.

You can listen to the Talk/Brag here.